Why can’t I Speak Fluent English with confidence? 1 Trick to speak English Fluently and confidently

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You have tried your best to speak fluent English, but your English is not improving or you are not progressing beyond the beginner English level. So how to speak English fluently and confidently? Have you ever tried to understand the reasons why is your english not improving, although you have tried different things such as taking an English speaking course, attended many English classes, watched English lessons online and followed advices from your English teachers. If you want to move to the advanced level of English speaking, then watch this English lesson with Niharika carefully, as she shares her personal experience, how did she learned to speak fluent English and understand native English speakers. Till date Niharika has provided you with more than 300+ English lessons online covering topics such as Tips to learn English, English Grammar lessons, English conversation lessons, IELTS training, Accent Training, American & British English.

Complete Lesson Transcript: –

Hey guys, it’s me Niharika and welcome to a new lesson. Well, all you guys out there, well you come to this channel to improve your spoken English and of course to take your English to the next level, don’t you? Well you have learned all the basic stuff such as the grammar, the basic vocabulary, sentence structure and so on. But you might be wondering why is my English not getting fluent or why am I not able to speak fluent English? That’s what we are gonna discuss today. Well you already know I have almost in fact more than 300 uploads and you have been learning a lot from these lessons. Well I do go through the comments where you know the subscribers have mentioned that you have learned a lot from my lessons and made a great difference to your spoken English skills, but then what next? Every one of you have this question in your mind, right? Like how do I take my English to the next level? How do I start speaking fluent English? Well I’m sure all you subscribers out there have this question in your mind, am i right? Well now first things first, let’s first understand the difference between a fluent speaker and an average English speaker. Well I’m sure you have watched many fluent English speakers and you’re just amazed on how fluent they are in the language, like oh my god they’re absolutely amazing or something like I wish I could speak like them. Then the question pops up in your mind will I ever be able to speak like them? Have you ever noticed why are they able to speak so good English or speak so fluently? I mean how do they manage? Now listen to this carefully, let’s understand your level of English how many English words do you know and how you use them in your everyday English conversation? Maybe around 100-200 words? And then you make sentences around these limited 100-200 English words. But if you notice a fluent English speaker well they at least know minimum of 1000 English words which they are able to use in their everyday conversation which actually makes them really fluent. So now let’s come back to the big question, how do I improve my English fluency? Now if you want to make your English fluent you need to make your vocabulary bank richer, yes! And how do you make your vocabulary rich? Well that’s exactly what we are gonna learn in this lesson today. Now you need to understand when you are speaking your mind starts searching for new words and when you don’t get the right words, uh-uh you get stuck with forming sentences in your conversation. All that you know, all the grammar rules, but you still stuck. So today I will teach you how to learn new English words and the right way to practice your spoken English. Now guys let me share my personal experience with all you out there, you know when I was a teenager, I travelled to the United States for my studies and when I got there, I met you know all my roommates, my friends and so on and there were so many English words that they would say that I had no clue, no idea about it. I had never even heard them before. So I was kind of lost. It was pretty frustrating for me. So what did I do? Well I am gonna share my personal trick with you guys today, you know what I started doing? Well I started to write down at least 10 English words that I had never heard before and these words came from my everyday conversations or from social media or watching Netflix shows or any kind of series. I made sure that I understand the correct pronunciation of these words and use them at least once in my conversation with my roommates and of course with people around me and this has really, really helped me. Slowly and gradually my vocabulary bank started to become richer and I had an access to so many new words and say within a period of two months, I almost learned 600 new English words, isn’t that amazing? So the key point here was using these words in a conversation and luckily I had my roommates with whom I practiced with, so I am so grateful to them. Now what I want you guys to do is exactly follow the trick that I did. At least for a month you need to jot down 10 new words understand their pronunciation and use them in your real English conversation. You guys might say that Niharika that’s easy, well I will find 10 new words, I will Google the pronunciation but where do I find some fluent English speakers? I mean come on I need to practice, right? So how do I do that? That’s a pretty good question. Well don’t worry you can download the CAMBLY app. I know I have spoken about this app earlier as well but I simply love this app because you are able to find native English teachers from around the world 24 by 7. Yes, I mean, it means that you can actually connect with them any time of the day based on your convenience so let me show you how to use the trick that I shared with the help of CAMBLY app and just to show you guys the method of learning new words I have shot listed 10 simple words for you which are, the first one is ‘hacks’ which actually means tips like these are the different hacks that would help you to learn English. ‘Entrepreneur’ which means a businessman and then another word is ‘folks’ which means people or it is also slang word for parents. ‘Cliché’ well something that is used excessively and now has no meaning to it. I also have ‘frenemy’, someone you’re friendly with but dislike him or her from within. Another word is ‘binge-watch’, when you watch multiple episodes of series that you love in one go. I also have ‘bromance’, guys who are like best friends and really close in a non-sexual way that’s bromance. I have ‘gloomy’ which is dark, sad. I have ‘FOMO’ which is fear of missing out and then I have ‘gorgeous’ which means really, really pretty, beautiful. So these are the 10 words that I have shortlisted and now I am gonna pick up five words and get connected with a tutor on the CAMBLY app and ask the tutor to make some practice sentences. So guys firstly we go to the CAMBLY app, there we go and now it’s opening up and then as you see that this is how the account looks like and since I have already registered myself and this is the menu bar we’ve got the menu, reservations, lessons, tutors. You also see that I have 75 minutes remaining. Now we will go to the tutors and look at this, now the ones marked in green it actually means that these trainers are available to help you out. I mean isn’t that amazing? Look at the number of trainers which are available at this very moment. Look at this, this is amazing and now let’s just go ahead and choose one of the trainers and we will have a word with them and practice the words that I mentioned. Well let’s see here, let’s try calling Melanie, “Hi, how are you?” “Good, thank you.” “How are you?” “I am good, thank you.” “well my name is Niharika and I’m calling you from India.” “Nice to meet you Niharika.” “What time is it in there?” “Oh I’m Sorry?” “What time is it there?” “Well it’s in the evening, it’s 6:00 p.m. right now, so yeah I’m on the other side of the world.” “Well anyways, well I am also an English trainer and I’m just trying to help my students use the CAMBLY app, so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna tell you five words like I have asked them to jot down five words and I just want you to pronounce it right and probably make a sentence out of it.” “Sure.” “Yeah, so well let’s start here, well the first word is ‘gorgeous’.” “The first word is “gorgeous’.” “Yes that’s how we pronounce it gorgeous?” “Yes.” “And if you could just help me with the sentence using this word.” “A sentence with using the word ‘gorgeous’, I went shopping and bought this gorgeous coat for winter.” “Yes that’s perfect, it’s getting cold and you got a gorgeous Jacket for yourself, awesome.” “Well another word is folks.” “Folks, can you spell it for me please?” “That’s f-o-l-k-s” “Thank you, ‘folks’” “Yeah and if you could help me with a sentence around the word?” “Sure a sentence using the word ‘folks’, last Thanksgiving I went to my folks house for dinner.” “Yeah, well thank you, well the third word is ‘frenemy’.” “’Frenemy’ that’s such a vogue word for student.” “Yeah.” “Okay I sentence using ‘frenemy’, when I’m on Facebook I sometimes read comments and wonder if my sister is my frenemy.” “Well that’s a good one, and the fourth word would be ‘cliché’” “’Cliché’, when I see my sister and her husband they are the most gorgeous looking couple in town.” “It’s almost like a Hollywood cliché.” “Lovely thank you and then the last word that I have for you is let’s see here ‘entrepreneur’.” “’Entrepreneur’.” “Yeah” “And my sentence using the word entrepreneur is, my husband is very clever, he has developed an app and is now an entrepreneur in the IT industry.” “That’s perfect, well thank you, thank you so much for your help and I’m sure this is helpful to my students as well.” “Oh am very pleased that I’ve helped, take care.” “I really appreciate that thank you.” “You take care and see you soon.” “Bye.” “Bye.” Okay guys so I hope you learned how to use the trick that I just shared to learn new words with the help of the CAMBLY app and I hope you really found it interesting. Now that this app is not free, well you could visit CAMBLY and choose the best plan that suits you and I have also spoken to CAMBLY and asked them to offer a discount of 30% on all the plans. So guys you need to make sure that you follow the link in the description to avail this offer. So that’s all for today make sure you follow the hack, I shared with you to make your vocabulary richer and speak fluent English faster and of course let me know in the comments below and how soon you would start using this trick to make your English better. I will see you soon with another lesson till then you take care and happy learning.


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