Casual Everyday English Conversation Phrases to speak English fluently & confidently 

This English conversation lesson is about a few simple and casual everyday English conversation phrases that can be used in your day to day spoken English conversation. They can be used with friends and people who you are familiar with. Practicing such short and smart English phrases would make your speak English fluently and confidently.

Back out of – withdraw / fail to keep a promise

I have planned a surprise party for Charles, please make sure that you don’t back out of it.

To come across – find accidentally/ by chance

I’m going to the mall and if I come across a good pair of shoes I’ll buy them for you.

To come down with – become ill/sick

I’m feeling feverish; I think I’m going to come down with flu.

To get around – avoid/ evade

I have to get around this situation, or else it will create a lot of problems.

Hear of – learn about something

I have heard of some good restaurants in the southern part of town.

Hang around – to stay in a place without any specific purpose

I love the beach; I can hang around here all day long

To go over – review

I need to go over the marketing proposal with you.

We hope this  English lesson is helpful and you can use these Spoken English phrases easily to enhance your English communication skills.


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