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Catalyst – English Vocabulary Lesson # 105

At times, you experience a change in a situation, it could be in the economy, behavior of a person, technology and you realize that this change is caused by a driving force.

The word ‘catalyst’ has two meanings. The first one means it is a chemical substance used to modify and increase the reaction without being consumed in the process.

The second meaning is-a person, thing or an event acting as a stimulus to cause a change. Though it’s a scientific term, we use it in our daily English to express a person or a thing brings about a change, just like a chemical substance does.

The word ‘catalyst’ is a noun and ‘catalysts’ is its plural form. ‘

’ is an adjective that describes a person or a thing of having a stimulus that causes things to happen or increases the speed at which things happen.

For example, if a company changes its product features that enhance its qualities, and thereafter the sales increase; it means the change acted as a catalyst for growth in sales. You may also say that the product enhancement was catalytic.

Okay, now that you have understood what ‘catalyst’ means, let’s take a look at some sentences to see how you can use this word in your daily conversation.

 Example 01 : The new amusement park/museum in the city was the catalyst for growth in tourism.

Example 02 : The new teacher’s friendly attitude was the catalyst for making learning a fun experience for the students.

Example 03: Staying away from his parents for many years was the catalyst for John to learn cooking.

Example 04 : Attractive discounts at the stores are always a catalyst for a huge crowd especially on weekends.

Example 05 :  Increased unemployment and poverty are catalytic issues as they increase the anti-social activities in the society.

Example 06 : The doctor’s regular pep talk was catalytic to keep little Mary cheerful all the time.

Example 07 : The invention of the mobile phones has been a great catalyst for faster communication anytime and anywhere across the globe.

Example 08: Personal and professional stress acted as a negative catalyst for developing Natasha’s addiction to smoking at a young age.

Example 09 : The impressive presentation made by the Managing Director aimed at being the catalyst for motivating the employees to work harder.

Example 10 : Frequent delayed departures are the catalysts for leaving passengers feeling very restless and dissatisfied.

Have you ever been a catalyst, what did you do to be one?

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Hey! Don't miss any lessons, Get lessons in your email everyday! ...... Subscribe Now! It's Free