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Coerce (verb) – English Vocabulary Lesson # 124

At times, you do certain things even though you are not willing to do them. The word ‘coerce’ means to force somebody to do something that they are not willing to do.

When someone pressurizes you to do something that you don’t want to do, they are coercing you into doing it.You actually compel the other person to do what you want them to do, irrespective of how they feel about it.

So when you coerce somebody, you are trying to dominate them. In extreme cases, people use threats to force people to do things. For example, you have a piece of information which you can’t let out to anyone. But when someone forces you by threatening you to give that information, it means they are coercing you.

The word ‘coerce’ is a verb. Its past and past participle form is ‘coerced’. ‘Coercion’ is the noun. ‘Coercive’ is an adjective and ‘coercively’ is an adverb.

Example 01: Lara coerced her mother into letting her play games on her laptop.

Example 02: Despite all the coercion, Sara refused to make up with her husband after a fight.

Example 03: Marc was coerced into accepting the agreement paper though he didn’t want to.

Example 04: When coercing him to surrender his bag failed, the gangsters threatened Brian with a knife and gun.

Example 05: Richard always coerces his friends to quit smoking.

Example 06: teacher The uses coercive ways of disciplining her students.

Example 07: Daniel coerced his business partner into taking up the new assignment that would be beneficial for their company.

Example 08: Ross doesn’t eat his meals on time. His mother coercively spoon-feeds him.

Example 09: The doctor coerced her patient to undergo surgery by showing him his poor X-ray report.

Has anyone ever coerced you to do something?

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