English Grammar lesson – Group Nouns / Collective Nouns

Hi, friends! This is Michelle on Let’s Talk. Welcome to this English grammar lesson for beginners. In this English lesson, we are going to learn to talk about groups. Through this English Grammar lesson, you will be able to talk about groups using useful vocabulary. So let’s start with some useful English Vocabulary. Stay tuned till the end.

1. Cast- This is a group of actors who work together in a movie or drama series.
For example: I am surely going to watch this movie because of it’s interesting cast.

2. Company- These are also a group of actors who work in different plays.
For example: The company of actors for this play is phenomenal.

3. Crew- Servicemen on a plane/ ship.
For example: Jet Airways has the best crew.

4. Platoon: group of soldiers
For example: It’s worth watching the British royal platoon parade on Sunday mornings.

5.Gang: a group of dangerous criminals.
For example: The police is having a hard time controlling the newely emerged gang in the city.

6. Throng: a group of people/ animal.
For example: The crowd thronged the mall this Sunday.

7. Mob: a group of people organized to cause trouble
For example: The recent demonstration started with a mob of protesters.

8. Shoal- a group of fishes
For example: I was a shoal of fishes when I was Scuba diving.

9. Set- a group of tools
For example: This is a useful set of tools for the new machinery we bought.

10. Stack- a group of books or chairs one over the other.
For example: Please don’t stack the laptops.

11. Stash- a stash of cash (hidden items)
For example: These have stashed their black money.

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  • hey michelle.. i think 6th point(crowd) is missing in the dispcription.. πŸ™‚ i write your lessons and practice as much as i can..
    btw thanks for helping to learn english i love your work.

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