Common Future Time Expressions in English

In this Spoken English lesson you will some common future time expressions, to speak in English about what would you do or happens in the future. There are several time expressions used to talk about the future. Always remember time expressions usually go at the beginning or at the end of a sentence.

Below are the common future time expressions with examples:-

Tomorrow –

A day after today
Example – I will go meet him tomorrow.

The day after tomorrow –

Two days after today
Example – My mom will visit me the day after tomorrow.

Next week –

The week after this week (similar expressions – next moth /next year)
Example – Adam will start his swimming class next week.

In a year –

A specific period of time in the future (similar expressions – in a week / in a month / in an hour)
Example – Sam is going to graduate in a year

Later –

Talking about doing something or meeting someone in the near or far future.
Example – I will talk to you later.

In the near future –

Very soon, within a short period
Example – I will need a new new washing in the near future.

Soon –

Talking about a period in the near future , not specific time.
Example – I will see you soon.

On Monday / In August / In 2019 –

Talking about a specific day, month or year in the future.
Example – I will visit the doctor on Monday.

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