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Common Mistakes that we make while speaking English.

Some mistakes that we make while speaking are inevitably made. They are just a habit and not done deliberately. However we need to be more conscious when we are talking. In this lesson  Tash highlights  few commonly made mistakes.

 It was a blunder mistake. (Incorrect)

Here the word blunder means mistake. So the correct way of writing would be

It was a blunder OR It was a mistake

It would have been more better.(Incorrect)

Here the word more is not necessary. In case you want to use a comparison, you could use the word much instead.  The correct way would be

It would have been better. OR  It would have been much better.

Why don’t he get married?(incorrect)

Usually don’t  applies while discussing a plural subject.

Why doesn’t he get married? (correct)

I want two Xeroxes of this card.(incorrect)

In the above sentence the word Xerox is used as a verb. But did you know that it is a noun because Xerox is a name of the company which manufactures photocopiers.  Therefore the correct way is

I want two photocopies of this card.

Your hairs are looking silky today.(incorrect)

Here the noun hair does not have a plural form.

Your hair are looking silky today.

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