Common Past Time Expressions In English

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1. I had a football match _____ week.


2. I didn’t eat dinner ________


3. I had a knee surgery 10 days __________.


4. Shane called me to check the project status_______ morning.


5. Michelle and John were married ______ 2009.


6. While trying to balance the bicycle, I fell fromย itย ___________.


7. I wanted to eat out _____ afternoon but didn’t get a chance to step out from the office.


8. I went for a movie with my friends _____ Friday


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We all talk about actions that happened at a specific time in the past. To do so we end up using Past Time Expressions. In this English lesson we will look at the most common past time expressions that we use in our conversation.

Time Expressions usually go at the end or at the beginning of a sentence.

Below are the most common Past Time Expressions

1. Yesterday – Previous day / One day before today
Example – I took an off yesterday

2. The day before yesterday – Two days before today
Example – Jane delivered a baby the day before yesterday.

3. Last night – It is used when speaking about the previous night.
Example – We had a blast last night

4. This morning – An earlier time on the same day.
Example – I skipped my breakfast this morning.

5. One week ago – Talking about a specific period of time / x number of days/weeks/months/years
Example – I spoke to her 10 days ago.

6. In 1990 – To talk about a specific point in the past.
Example – I graduated in 2003.

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