Comparative Idioms in English.

We all compare ourselves to something or the other, so here are some phrases that will help you to compare people to something and help you to speak fluently.

Busy as a bee – The life of a bee is very hectic,bees spend a lot of time collecting pollen,nectar and water and they work non – stop. SO this phrase can be used for the people who have a very busy life.
Example – I’m sorry for not calling you back I have been busy as a bee.

Eat like a horse – Horse eats in abundance,so if you know a person who eats too much then you can say he eats like a horse.
Example – My brother eats like a horse and has gained too much weight.

As blind as a bat – Someone whose vision is very poor or is unable to see anything clearly.
Example – Without my glasses I’m as blind as a bat.

As cool as a cucumber – Cucumbers are very refreshing so this phrase is used for people who are very calm and composed.
Example – The politician was as cool as a cucumber in the interview with the aggressive journalist.

Sly as a fox – Someone who is sly as a fox is cunning and clever at getting what they want especially by deceiving people.
Example – Beware of the tricksters they are sly as a fox.

Like wildfire – If something such as news,gossips or rumors spreads very fast one can compare it to the wildfire.
Example – Her pregnancy news spread like wildfire.

Like a red flag to a bull – To say something to someone that would make the other person very angry or upset.
Example – Don’t mention Shane’s promotion to him it would be like a red flag to a bull.

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