Using ‘Contractions’ – Sound natural & Speak English like Native Speakers

In English pronunciation, a contraction is combination of two words that are combined by joining them into one word. If you want to sound natural in English and speak English like a native English speakers, then you must practice using contractions in English to sound natural in English. Please stay with your ESL teacher Michelle in this fun learning English lesson for more on contractions and speak fluent English naturally.

Here’s a question for you: which sentence is better?

  • She will be here at 8.00
  • She’ll be here at 8.00

Actually, the second sentence is better. Why? Because it’s more natural to say she’ll than she will.


She’ll is an example of a contraction which means to shorten TWO words by joining them as ONE.

“What happens if I forget to put in the apostrophe? What word do we have?” Shell. “That’s not the word we want.

**So you can see that it is important to put in the apostrophe to make a contraction.


“Here is another example.” Let’s Build the words he and is into a contraction –

“Instead of two words, he is, we now have one word, “he’s.”

This is called a contraction.

You put an apostrophe in place of the letter that you take out.

How to use contractions in sentences:

  1. He is = He’s

How old is your brother – He’s fifteen years old.

  1. that is = that’s

When you’re eating pizza with your friends and one slice is left over -That’s an extra slice of pizza.

  1. is not = isn’t (negative contraction used in a question)

When you’re out for a walk with your friend in the park and there comes a cute little dog, wagging his tail and licking your feet. What do u say then? : Isn’t this a friendly dog?

  1. do not = don’t

When someone is disturbing me, I always reply, please don’t disturb me.

  1. you will = you’ll

Will you enjoy my next lesson – yes, you’ll enjoy my next lesson.

  1. I am = I’m

What do u say when you want to drink?  I’m very thirsty

Now that you’ve learned how to use contractions, this will help you improve your English speaking and listening skills. Listening skills? Yes, you heard it right. Contractions also help your English listening, because contractions can be difficult to hear if you don’t use them yourself. And it will surely improve your English speaking skills by helping you sound more natural in English/ like a native English speaker. Contractions are essentially used while we are speaking. I suggest that you do not use contractions while writing especially when you’re writing a formal piece.

We’ll meet again very soon with another useful English pronunciation lesson. Till then you take care


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