10 Man Melting Compliments – Learn 😎10 Cool English Phrases Every Guy loves to hear.

If you think it’s just women who love to be bestowed with lovely compliments you might have to rethink that because men love to receive compliments too. In this Spoken English Lesson you will learn some cool English phrases to compliment men. Below are three categories and under each category there are phrases to flatter your man.

1) Compliments that show him that he is a superhero:-

  • I love how driven you are – Use this phrase for men who are really hard working and very focused in everything they do.
  • You are amazing at whatever you do – Use this phrase for the man who has the ability to do anything and everything.
  • You can fix anything – Use this phrase to compliment his skills

2) Compliments that show you enjoy being around them:-

  •  You make me laugh like no other – Use this phrase if you think a man creates spark to make you laugh.
  •  I can’t help but blush around you – Use this phrase to compliment a man who makes you feel very special.
  •  You are the funniest guy I know – Use this phrase for a guy who make you laugh like crazy is absolutely hilarious.

3) Complimenting a man’s physical appearance:-

  • You are irresistible – Use this phrase if you think a man is very good looking and hot.
  • Your style is impeccable – Use this phrase for a man who dresses up really well.
  • Have you been working out? – Use this phrase for a man who has a great muscular body
  • You smell great – Use this phrase for a man who smells great

Use these English expressions above in your daily English conversation to make your man feel very special.

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