Day and Night idioms

In this Spoken English lesson by Ceema, you will learn the idioms with the words day and night. You can use these English idioms in your daily English speaking to sound more fluent in your English conversation.

Give someone the time of the day.

If you won’t give someone the time of day, it means you are not willing to talk to them.

Example : After that ugly fight, Michelle won’t give me the time of the day.

As plain as day.

As plain as a day means something is really easy to understand in other words it’s very simple to understand.

Example : My Math teacher makes difficult equation as plain as a day. I enjoy her classes.

Fly by night.

This idiom can be used to describe a person or a company who cannot be trusted or are reliable, they offer services or products which are of very low standards and quality.

Example : I bought this iron online from this o fly by night online company and it stopped working within a day.

A night owl.

A night owl is a person who likes to stay up late at night usually working on something.

Example : Peter’s a real night owl. He never goes to bed before 3 AM and keeps working on his video projects.

As different as night and day.

This idiom means that something or someone is totally opposite to each other, you can say they hardy resemble any similarities.

Example : The color shades you have shown me today are as different as night and day.

A one night stand.

A one night stand means two people had sex only for that one night. Someone who had sex without any emotional encounter.

Example : Maria and John were never in a relationship, they just had a one night stand after the party.

Made my day.

If something makes your day, it means it was a good little thing that was the best part of your day, or made you happy for the whole long day.

Example : When my boss told me “ You have improved on your sales performance” He just made my day.

Day in and Day out

This idiom means to do something regularly and repeatedly.

Example : Samantha is growing so fat, she just keeps eating day in and out.

Call it a day.

I am really tired working on this project, I am running out of ideas, let’s call it a day .

Example : To call it a day means to stop doing the work for the day, usually refers to the people working at the office.

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