Describing a party in English.

We all love to attend parties, be it birthday parties,office parties, anniversary parties and so on. How do we describe a party we attend? In this Spoken English Lesson we will look at phrases to describe an event or a party we attended.

Below are the phrases that can be used when someone asks you in general about what you did at the party:-

1. Chatted up with friends – Spent time talking to them
2. Danced all night long – It means you had a great time dancing
3.Had couple of drinks – Enjoyed drinking
4.Flirted/Socialized – Met new people and had interesting conversations.

Below are the phrases to describe the music that was played at the party:-

1.Right up my street – Something that you really enjoy listening to
2. It was upbeat / Rocking – Fun and kept the party alive

Below are the phrases to describe the atmosphere of the party:-

1. It was laid back – Had a nice time
2.It was chilled out – Nice smooth party
3. It was electrifying – Wild Party

The decor also plays an important role in a party ,if you would like to describe the way the place was decorated for the party, below are some phrases that will help you to do so:-

1. Funky – Interesting Decor
2. Cool – Nicely decorated
3. A bit Tacky – Cheap and bad decor
4. Themed – The decor had a particular theme or setting.

Use these phrases the next time you describe an event or party to someone.

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