How to develop and improve patience.

In this series of soft skills and business skills video from Skillopedia, you are going some tips to develop patience. To improve patience is a big challenge considering our life style today. Patience is a virtue. This corporate training and personality development session will help you develop  the required business skills required in this stressful world.

Find the cause and Make a list

Every individual has their own trigger points. These points send you to a zone where you lose your patience. They could be crazy people who make you lose your temper, probably the awful traffic while travelling. Make a list of things that make you impatient. Note down the last time you were impatient. Take help from family members, friends or colleagues as they may have an idea of what makes you impatient. Physical distractions such as hunger, dehydration also cause you to be impatient.

Slow down

Probably you are the one who works in a rush. You like to finish everything immediately and quickly. You need to stay calm and slow down. Take it a little easy. Take a deep breath or take a short break to rejuvenate yourself.

Take up some hobby

Take up a hobby that makes you happy and keeps you at peace. Be it reading or cooking. Doing creative work like painting or sculpting help you to achieve success in being patient.

Expect the unexpected

Life is full of twists and turns, ups and downs and it is important for you to accept them gracefully. Be realistic about how plans and schedules may turn out. If you are not realistic, you will not be open to bad outcomes and that will make you disappointed or crazy. So be open to sudden changes or outcomes.

We hope this soft skills session has helped you to develop patience and you have learned some tips to improve your patience.

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