Difference between beautiful, pretty, gorgeous and handsome.

All the above words are used as describing words. However they are used in different contexts. Let us learn them with the help of some phrases.

The words beautiful, gorgeous and pretty are usually associated with women. The word handsome can be related to men.


  • Kelly is wearing a beautiful gown.
  • The dress that I saw at the store was beautiful.
  • Wow!  The scenery is beautiful.
  • Sam brought some beautiful flowers.


  • Samantha has gorgeous hair.
  • Peggy has a gorgeous smile.
  • The beach that I went to was gorgeous.


  • Sarah has a pretty face.
  • What a pretty picture?
  • Tiara has a pretty smile.


  • Gordon is a handsome boy/man
  • Daniel has handsome features.
  • The company made a handsome profit last year.
  • Jonathan draws a handsome salary.

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