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Difference between – Even though, Even if, Even when & Even so.

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_____________I had money I wouldn’t buy it.It is so expensive.


I can’t lend them so much money __________they ask me.


____________ Mark had worked hard, he never had money.


__________my sister earned a lot of money, she wouldn’t buy a big car.


______________ they aren’t poor, they live in suburbs of Paris.


Smoking has been proven to cause cancer and many other life-threatening illnesses. ___________, many people continue to smoke.


Fred is a brilliant computer programmer. _____________ he doesn’t go to university, he will be able to survive just by doing web page design.


I told Erica to be careful while snowboarding in Mammoth. _____________I warned her, she pushed the limits and ended up breaking her leg.


__________the science of medicine is advancing very quickly, there are many people in the world who die of diseases which are easily cured because they can’t afford to pay for treatment.


Jessica is extremely beautiful and graceful. ____________, I think it will be very difficult for her to break into the world of international modeling.


Samantha is very easily insulted. __________ a person complements her, she takes it as an insult.


____________ the world is becoming increasingly global, many people remain ignorant to other cultures and languages.


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When a strong statement is made, the statement is often followed with an example containing “even.” The word “even” adds shock, surprise, or excitement to the example.

Even Though / Even When / Even If

“Even” can be combined with the words “though,” “when” and “if.” It emphasizes that a result is unexpected. Study the following examples and explanations to learn how these expressions differ.


  • Even though John studied very hard, he still failed his English tests.

John always studied hard. But, unfortunately, he failed the tests.

  • Even when John studied very hard, he still failed his English tests.

John occasionally studied hard, but it didn’t really make a difference. Every time he studied, he still failed.

  • Even if John studied very hard, he still failed his English tests.

John didn’t normally study very hard. But in the rare situation when he did try to study hard, he still failed the test.


These expressions are not always interchangeable; the context of the sentence will affect your choice:

“Even though” is used when something is always done or a fact is mentioned.

“Even when” is used when something is occasionally done.

“Even if” is used when something is rarely done or just imagined.

Even So

“Even so” is very much like the word “but” or “however.” “Even so” is different in that it is used with surprising or unexpected results.


She is loud and unfriendly. Even so, I like her.
She is loud and unfriendly, so it is unexpected that I like her.




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