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Difference between ‘Idle’, ‘Idol’ & ‘Ideal’

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You may use the center cabin, it is _______ for the next three months


I worship my mother, she is my ____________.


Being calm is the __________thing to do when someone yells at you.


We are sitting _________ and have nothing to do, but watch TV.


John gifted Maria an ___________ for her birthday.


For many people, the morning time is ________ to workout.


I saw a beautiful ___________ made of clay at the new store.


It is better to sell off the machinery as it is ___________. It hasn’t been used for many months.


I hate being _____________ for too long. I have to keep myself busy.


Red is the _________ color for valentines.


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The three words, ‘idle’, ‘idol’ and ‘ideal’ are a little confusing at times as they sound a little similar to one another. So, this lesson clearly differentiates their meaning and usage. ‘Idle’ and ‘idol’ have the same pronunciation. ‘Ideal’ is pronounced a little differently.

Idle: means something is not in use, empty or doing nothing.

  •  Example 01: Are you an idle student? (means are doing nothing)
  • Example 02: The office is idle. (here ‘idle’ means empty)

Idol: is a noun. It means on object that represents a deity. It is also used to say that you excessively admire someone.

  • Example 01: Angelina is my idol.
  • Example 02: In Asia, people worship idols.

Ideal: it means something that is in its perfection or something that is most suitable.

  •  Example 01: The swimming pool is ideal for a quick dip.
  • Example 02: This is the ideal time to invest in stock.

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