No vs Not – Learn The Difference

This basic English lesson teaches you the difference between the two most commonly used negative expressions ‘no’ and ‘not’. Both these expressions are used to make a negative sentence, but there is a difference in their usage. In this English speaking practice lesson, you will learn the 4 major differences between these commonly used English words.

Finished watching the lesson, now it’s time test your understanding of this English lesson. Take the quiz below.

1. They are ______ my neighbours.


2. We have _______ comments to make.


3. They are _____ his books.


4. You have ________ shame at all!


5. Do you have some money? Answer: _________.


6. We do _______ know the truth.


7. This is ____________ an easy task to perform.


8. He is ______ at all the best singer.


9. This bag does __________ belong to him.


10. I have __________ money to lend you.


Question 1 of 10

Using No:

For an answer to a closed-ended question (yes/no)

  • Example: Are you going out? Answer: No.

Precedes a noun without an article

  • Example: The company had no rivals. (rival is a noun without an article before it)

It cannot make a verb negative

  • Example: I do no have a pen. ( this is incorrect)
  • Example: I am no going out. (it is incorrect)

It cannot be used before a possessive adjective

  • Example: These are no my books. (use ‘not’)

Using Not:

It cannot be used to an answer to a closed-ended question. (yes/no)

  • Example: Are you going out? Answer: Not (this is incorrect. Use ‘no’)

Precedes a noun with an article

  • Example: The virus is not the cause of the disease.

It can make a verb negative

  • Example: I do not have a pen. I am not going out.

It is used before a possessive adjective.

  • Example: These are not my socks.

Let’s take a look at how we can use ‘no’ and ‘not’ in similar sentences.

  • Example: I have got no money
  • Example: I have not got any money.

Both the above sentences mean the same.

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