Difference between ‘Unless’ & ‘Until’.

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1. I will wait for John ________ he comes.


2. You can wear your new shoes _______ it rains.


3. We are on holiday ______ next week.


4. He won’t buy you anything _______ you tell him to.


5. _______ he was very ill, he would be at work.


6. They did not come ______ the meeting was half over.


7. _______ I complete the home-work please don’t switch-on the T.V.


8. He will not come to your home _____ you go to his.


9. They wouldn’t all be there _____ something terrible


10. Why would a person want to keep their business secret ______ it.


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In this English grammar lesson, you will learn how to use ‘until’ and ‘unless’ and their usage in a sentence. These two words are very commonly used in Spoken English. Often, many get confused and use them interchangeably. The two words cannot be used interchangeably as their meaning and usage in a sentence are very different from each other.

Unless: means ‘except if’. It is used in the context of a precondition and it actually means ‘if the condition is not met..’ Do not use ‘will’ immediately after ‘unless’.

  • Example: Can you turn the radio off unless you are listening to it. ( except if)
  • Example: Unless you pay now, we cannot guarantee you a ticket. (Do not use ‘unless you will pay now..’)
  • Example: Harry never ate kebabs, unless he prepared them himself.
  • Example: The bank will not provide you a loan unless you show then your original identity.

Until: up to a particular time. It is used in context of time. It is more formal than ‘till’.

  • Example: I listen to music until I fall asleep. (till the time)
  • Example: Please wait in the waiting room until they call your name.
  • Example: He waited patiently until dinner was served.
  • Example: Wait here until I come back.


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