The difference between – ‘Unlike & Unlikely’

Finished watching the video, now it’s time to take a quiz ti test how much you have learned from this English lesson. Choose the appropriate response from the options provided.

1. Richard is tall _______ his brother.



2. It is sunny. It is ____________________ to rain now.



3. It is __________________ Laura to scream like that!



4. Maria isn’t well. She is _______________ to attend the wedding.



5. John works hard ___________ his colleague.



6. The two brothers are very ____________.



7. Due to bad throat infection, Marc is ________________ to recover soon.



8. Michelle and Michael are so much in love. They are __________________ to split.



9. Though Samantha and Sarah are best of friends, they are ____________ each other in behavior.



10. We are ___________ to meet in the near future.



Question 1 of 10

In this English speaking lesson, you are going to learn the difference between ‘unlike’ and ‘unlikely’. Though their spellings are similar, their meanings are completely different.

Using ‘Unlike’:

  1. The two sisters are very unlike. (not like each other, dissimilar)
  2. It is unlike her to be late. (a typical trait)
  3. Mary is intelligent, unlike John. (means not like)

Using ‘Unlikely’:

  1. The weather seems unlikely to change. (probably something will not happen)
  2. It is highly unlikely that Maria will get into the University with such low scores. (probably she will not get into University, chances are high that she won’t)
  3. John is unlikely to reach before 8 am. ( not likely to reach)

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