Different types of meat (Vocabulary)

Some people are vegetarians and some are non vegetarians. In this spoken lesson English lesson you will explore different types of meat. It is a great English vocabulary lesson for the people who travel to different countries.

Firstly let us look at different types of meat available:-

  • Red Meat – Beef, Goat, Lamb
  • Poultry – Chicken and Turkey
  • Pork – Pig’s meat
  • Seafood –Fish, Crab, Lobster

The different food items that are made from various types of meat are as follows:

Bacon – Meat from the pig that is treated with smoke or salt and made into thin pieces

Sausage – Food usually made from ground meat with a skin around it and is cylindrical in shape.

Ham – Ham is pork that has been preserved through salting and smoking.

Pepperoni – Salami usually made from cured pork and beef mashed together. It is soft, slightly smoky and bright red in colour.

Salami – Salami is flattened sausage made of fermented and air dried meat from one of several animals typically beef or pork.

Steak – A steak is a cut of meat sliced perpendicular

Ribs – Ribs of pork, beef, lamb, and venison are a cut of meat. The term ribs usually refers to the less meaty part of the chops, often cooked as a slab.

Hope you enjoy this English lesson and the next time you binge on food, you know the type of meat you eating.

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