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Different ways to say someone is pregnant.

In English language  there are different phrases one can use to announce the big news. Well, the big news is to say when somebody is pregnant. This English lesson will help you learn new vocabulary and English phrases to announce, someone is pregnant.


Example – My sister in law is expecting her first child.

Carrying a child

Example – Benny is carrying John’s child

Preggers/Preggo  (slang terms)

Example –  I heard your wife is preggo!

Up the duff –

This term is used to describe an unplanned pregnancy.

Example – My neighbor got Jessica up the duff.

In the pudding club

Example – Did you know, Amy’s in the pudding club?

Up the spout  (Scotland)

Example- She’s up the spout again

Have a bun in the oven

Example – We heard Ben’s got a bun in the oven

Knocked up

(Not very polite) This phrase is used among teenagers especially with teenage pregnancy)

Example – The guy didn’t use protection and got this girl knocked up.

Eating for two

This is considered to be an old fashioned advice but also a good phrase to use to announce the big news.

Example – Nancy is been eating for two now!

In the family way

This is a very formal way of talking about a woman who is pregnant and is quite an old idiom which is actually dying out.

Example – Mary’s in the family way and is due to deliver on May 19th this year.

I hope this Spoken English lesson has helped you learn new phrases and vocabulary to say someone is pregnant.


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