Dining Etiquette – 4 things to avoid at the dinner table ( Sociable skills)

In this dining etiquette video from Skillopedia, you will learn 4 things to avoid at the dinner table. Mealtimes are absolutely vital for family bonding and developing social skills. However technology is taking over the dinner table these days, people have their heads buried in their phones. Whether you are dining with family or friends or even with your peers, there are certain sociable skills that you require. In this session with Skillopedia let’s have a look at some dinner table etiquette.

1) When at the dinner table with people around there are certain things that you need to avoid. Things that can be a little offensive and that you need to avoid are :-

– Do not chew with your mouth open 

– Never speak with a full mouth

– So not try to reach out for something that’s not close to you, ask someone to pass it to you. 

– Toothpicks should be used in private not as you walk out of the restaurant or dig your teeth in front of the people you eat with.

2) Be courteous and let others speak before you

If you are courteous, your good manners show friendliness and concern for others. It is important for you to listen to what others say and acknowledge them. This friendliness will help you and the other person to open up and have a better conversation on the dinner table.

3) Continue eating –

While you continue to eat is is also important for you to listen to the conversation between other members of your family and try to enter into it by injecting a thought and smile and friendly  laughter with others.

4)  Compliment –

If it’s your friend or family member has cooked the dinner it is nice to compliment them on their cooking skills. Say something like ” this soup is delicious or the food is absolutely great” Even when you are at the restaurant for dinner comment on what you eating, if the food is any good, appreciate it or complain about the bad tasting food.
Hope these basic principles of proper dinner table etiquette help you to avoid any social embarrassment. Enjoy your meal.

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