Don’t Say – I Am Confused! | Learn 8 New English Words

As a beginner in English you are always worried how do I improve my English vocabulary. In This English speaking practice lesson with ceema you will learn 10 new ways to say I am confused. These new English words would certainly improve your spoken English and make you sound fluent in English. Use these words in your daily English conversation to speak English fluently & confidently.

The word “confused” is a very common expression used when we don’t know what’s happening and feel quite out of touch with things around us.  This lesson will show you the different ways of saying “I am confused”.

  • I am perplexed- confused along with being worried

I was perplexed when the doctor diagnosed her with high blood pressure


  • I am baffled- confused along with surprise

I am baffled that even those who are doing good get trolled on social media.


  • Bewildered-Confusion mixed with not knowing what to do.

The teachers were bewildered when they learned that students who got an A decided to drop out.

  • Bemused- be slightly confused

She looked bemused when the waiter came to her table with dessert.

  • Muddled-when things are all mixed up in your head

When people talk too fast, what they say is pretty much muddled.

  • I am dazed-they are confused and unable to think clearly, often because of shock or a blow to the head


After the accident, Maria was dazed.


  • I am disoriented- lost a sense of direction (due to drugs or alcohol abuse)


He walked out of the bar completely disoriented; they had to call a cab for him.


  • i AM Puzzled- used when you don’t understand something

I am puzzled by her behaviour.



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