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Easiest way to convert Active voice sentences to Passive Voice in simple present tense.

Finished watching the lesson, now it’s time to test how much you have learned from this lesson. Take the quiz below:

1. The book is kept on the table, this is


2. He tells me a story. The passive voice of this sentence is:


3. He is finishing the project.


4. Why is the mason building the wall?


5. James has eaten the chocolates.


6. Who breaks the window?


7. Why has he taken the books?


8. The children are writing a story.


9. Richa makes new friends at the university.


10. Why are you troubling him?


Question 1 of 10

In this English Grammar lesson, you are going to learn how to make active voice sentences in the present tense into passive voice sentences. The active voice is used to give importance to the subject or the doer of the action and the passive voice gives importance to the object.

There are basic steps you follow to convert the sentences from active to passive.

  • Interchange the subject and object
  • Take the main verb in its past participle form.
  • Do not change the tense of the original sentence, so add an auxiliary verb.
  • Ensure the doer of the action does not change once the sentence is in the passive voice.

Example 01: Mother writes an email. (active)

An email is written by mother. (passive)

Example 02: Sam is fixing the computer. (active)

The computer is being fixed by Sam.

Example 03: John has helped Maria. (active)

Maria has been helped by John. (passive)

Example 04: Why does your brother sing such sad songs? (active)

Why are such sad songs sung by your brother? (passive)

Example 05: Who is doing the dishes? (active)

By whom are the dishes being done? (passive)

Example 06: Why have you called me here? (active)

Why have I been called here by you? (passive)

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