Talking about ‘Email Issues’ at work – English phrases & Expressions

This English lesson from Let’s Talk will help you learn some useful ways of talking about regular email related issues you come across in your communication virtually. Learn some useful English phrases and improve your English speaking skills.

# Issues with storage space in your email account, because of receiving a lot of emails. These could include chain mails or mails with many attachments. You can express these issues by saying:

  • My email is getting full, what should I do?
  • How do I request more storage space?
  • I’m constantly running out of space

If you have just joined a new organisation or may be purchased a service that needs you to create a new email account and if you have issues:

  • I haven’t received my email address yet.
  • My email account hasn’t been created.

If you have an existing account and you are facing some issues with the server or network:

  • I can’t use my email right now; I think the server is down.
  • It could be a network issue.
  • If you receive a lot of spam or junk mail:
  • How do I prevent junk/spam email?
  • I keep getting spam in my inbox.

We hope these English expressions help you to voice your email problems in English easily.  For more English lesson do not forget to subscribe to our Channel.

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