Fun filled expressions with the word ‘BREAK’

The word ‘break’ is very common in English speaking, but it can be used in several different ways. In this English lesson let’s have a look at some useful English expressions with the work ‘Break’.

Break the news to someone – to tell someone some important news, usually bad news

Ex: The doctor had to break the news of Claire’s illness to her husband.

Break someone’s heart – cause severe emotional pain or grief

Ex: Joe’s heart broke when Jill refused to marry him.

Break a promise – to not do what one said one would definitely do

Ex: My brother broke his promise; he did not come to visit us this year.

Break a record – to destroy a previously set high record by setting a record higher than the previous one

Ex: The athlete broke a record in swimming which was held for ten years.

Break the rules – to not follow the rules

Ex: Clyde has always been a rebel; he loves to break the rules.

Break a habit – stop or end a habit

Ex: I found it very tough to quit smoking; it’s hard to break a habit that is so old.

Break the ice – to do or say something to get conversation going especially when strangers meet

Ex: If you feel uncomfortable at the party try to break the ice by cracking a good joke.

Break a leg – used to wish someone good luck – originates from using it in for artists

Ex: I heard that you are participating in a dance competition, break a leg.

Break free – to break away from someone or something

Ex:  We need to break free from these old fashioned ways of thinking.

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