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Using ‘Supposed to…’ correctly in English

Finished watching this English grammar lesson on using supposed to as a modal verb, now it’s time to take the quiz to understand how much you have learned from this lesson,.Take the quiz below.

1. She __________ to arrive tonight.


2. They are not supposed to enter without a ticket means,


3. We are supposed to reach on time means,


4. He ___________ to call me this evening.


5. You ______________________ take me to dinner, but you didn’t.


6. The new mall is supposed to be very big, it means:


7. I ________________ tell you Maria’s secret.


8. They are expected to be here any minute. It means,


9. We __________ use the internet for personal reasons at work.


10. You are expected to be formally dressed to work, so..


Question 1 of 10

In this English Grammar lesson, we are going to study using ‘supposed to’ is used in different ways. It is a modal verb and is always followed by the ‘be’ form (is, am, are, was, were) of the verb.

We used ‘supposed to’ when you want to say ‘it is believed or it is said’

  • Example: The new James Bond film is supposed to be good.
  • Example: Starbucks coffee is supposed to be the best.

It is used to say something is expected.

  • Example: I am supposed to get to work at 8 am.
  • Example: You are supposed to do your homework daily.

‘Supposed to’ is used to say that something was to happen or take place, but actually did not happen.

  • Example: You were supposed to call me last night.
  • Example: John and Maria were supposed to  get married last month.

When ‘supposed to’ is used in the negative (not supposed to), it means not allowed to do something or prohibited from doing something.

  • Example: You are not supposed to smoke in here.
  • Example: I am not supposed to tell you the details of what was discussed in the meeting.

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