Functions of ‘Wish’ in English.

In this English Grammar lesson, we are going to review the different functions that the word “wish” can perform with various grammatical structures. Learning these grammar structures would help you to Speak English fluently and confidently using the word ‘Wish’

I wish I played the piano.

Function: Expressing regret in the past

Past action cannot be changed.

Grammatical structure: Simple past tense of the main verb

I wish I WERE rich.

Function: Expressing regret in the past.

Grammatical Structure: wish + were (to be)

Julie wishes she hadn’t lost her phone.

Function: Expressing regret in the present

Past action cannot be changed.

Grammatical Structure: wish + past perfect (had/ hadn’t)

 I wish they would stop making noise.

Function: to ask for a change in a situation.

Grammatical Structure: wish + would (future modal of possibility)

 I wish you wouldn’t arrive so late always.

Function: To make a complaint about a repeated action.

Grammatical: wish + would (not)

Wish is a versatile word that performs multiple functions in our vocabulary. This word can be used with different grammatical structures to imply different meanings.

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