09 Beautiful English Idioms with ‘TIME’  to speak English like a Pro

This English speaking practice lesson has a lot of simple and unique time-related English idioms that can be used in day to day English conversation. If you hear native English speakers or people who speak fluent English, they always use these beautiful English idioms in spoken English. These idioms would certainly as a pinch of style to your English communication skills and make you sound in English like a pro. Have a look at the list and the watch the video to understand how they can be used.

On the spur of the moment – take a spontaneous or instant decision
Ex: Claire decided to take a holiday on the spur of the moment.

In the interim –a short period of time between events
Ex: Since the branch head was on leave, the assistant manager took charge of the branch office in the interim.

Against the clock – to have very little time to complete some work
Ex: We need to hand over this presentation by 5 pm; we are working against the clock.

In broad daylight – when something happens that is clearly visible
Ex: The robbery took place in broad daylight.

Living on borrowed time – surviving a near-fatal accident or illness
Ex: After surviving the bike accident, John feels like he is living on borrowed time.

Better late than never- to achieve something later in life than expected
Ex: I have finally decided to learn swimming, better late than never.

Have the time of your life- to have an amazing/ unforgettable experience
Ex: Jane had the time of her life on her holiday.

The time is ripe- The best time or the most advantageous time
Ex: Since student loan rates are low, the time is ripe to apply for a loan to study further.

All in good time – be patient and things will happen
Ex: I can’t buy a house now, but I’m sure it will be possible soon, all in good time.

We hope this Spoken English lesson was useful and informative. With continued practice of such interesting English idioms, English will become easy and you would expand your vocabulary to speak fluent English in a short span of time.

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