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English Vocabulary Lesson # 151 – Bewilder (verb)

In this spoken English and English vocabulary lesson you will learn how to use the word ‘Bewilder’ as a verb, adverb and adjective. Sometimes.Sometimes you may be confused about something. You do not have a clear thought and just don’t know what to do. You lack clarity at that moment and may not be able to react appropriately.

The word ‘bewilder’ basically means to confuse someone or to get confused about something.

When you are bewildered about something, you are completely confused or lack clarity of thought. If you confuse people, it means you bewilder them. If something happens and it leaves you puzzled and dazed, you are bewildered as you are completely speechless. So if something bewilders you, it is so difficult or confusing that you cannot understand it. The word ‘bewilder’ is a verb that shows the action of confusing. Bewildered is an adjective as it describes the state of being confused. Bewilderedly and bewilderingly are adverbs that describe the action of being done in a confused manner.

For example, you enter into a store to buy accessories; you see a wide variety of brands. All are equally good. But since you have to make a choice, you are very confused and don’t know which one to pick and which one to leave. It means you are bewildered by the choices offered.

Practice English Conversation:

Example 01: Everyone looked bewilderedly at the Google’s new technology for driverless cars.

Example 02: Grandmother was bewildered by her new android cell phone as she had never used one before.

Example 03: Being unprepared, Mathew was bewildered when he received the Math test paper.

Example 04: Even though she was bewildered by the thriller story, Norah continued reading the novel.

Example 05: The variety of cell phones available can leave one feeling bewildered when making a choice.

Example 06: The magician’s tricks bewildered the audience.

Example 07: James is always bewildered by his wife’s mood swings.

Example 08: The sudden cancellation of flights left the  passengers bewildered and shocked.

How do you react when you are bewildered about something?


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