English Vocabulary Lesson # 165 – To take something in one’s stride (Idiom)

In this spoken English lesson you will learn how to use the idiom ‘To take something in one’s stride’ in your daily conversation. At some point of time in your life, you are faced with a difficult, challenging or an unpleasant situation. Dealing with it is in your hands. You may accept it calmly or get very agitated with the whole thing.

The idiom ‘to take something in one’s stride’ basically means to deal with an unpleasant situation calmly and easily. If you encounter a difficult situation and face it without much worry or without letting it affect you, it means you have taken it in your stride. You don’t have any trouble in accepting such a situation and can handle it tactfully. When you take something in your stride, you show a sense of acceptance and the capability of coping with it. You are not hassled or troubled by it and decide to cope with it patiently. In this idiom ‘take’ is a verb as it shows the action of accepting something. Its past form is took and its past participle is taken.

For example, if you lose a family member who was very close to you, it is extremely difficult to accept and deal with it as you are overtaken by emotions. But, if you accept it bravely and try to continue with your daily routine life, it means you are taking your family member’s death in your stride.

Example sentences for practice :

Example 01: A certain amount of criticism comes with success and one has to learn to take it in stride.

Example 02: When burdened with extra work, Richa takes it in her stride and doesn’t crib about it.

Example 03: The new bakery set up by Robert went into major losses. He took it in his stride and started searching for alternative business startups.

Example 04: When Walter got to know about his terminal illness, he couldn’t take it in his stride and broke down at the hospital.

Example 05: At the high school, when his group cracked a joke on him and laughed, John didn’t react and took it in his stride.

Example 06: Losing his eight year old pet wasn’t easy for him, but Henry stood strong by taking the loss of his pet in his stride.

Example 07: When Becky attained low grades in his Math examination, he took it in his stride and started working harder for his next examination.

Example 08: Being a confident manager at work, Michelle takes competition with her colleagues in her stride and doesn’t feel insecure about her job.

Are you able to take challenges that you are faced with in your stride?

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