What’s the difference between clean out, clean off, clean up and clean away

When you talk about cleaning something it could either be the actual space or the mess/dirt in a space. In this English lesson you will learn different phrases used to talk about this.

English learners while speaking English make a  common mistake while using these phrases (clean out, clean off, clean up and clean away)They think that they can use them  interchangeably , that’s what we will correct today.

Clean out – to clean the inside of a space

  • I need to Clean out the cupboard (inside of the cupboard)
  • Please clean out the car (inside of the car)
  • The drawer is dirty we need to clean out the drawer (inside of the drawer)

Clean off – used to talk about cleaning a flat surface

  • We need to clean off the table since we have guests coming home (A Table is a flat surface)
  • Please clean off the TV screen.(flat surface)
  • Clean off the glass of the window (the window is a flat surface)

Clean up – to clean a room or a large space

  • We should clean up the kitchen today, since it has been a long time.
  • Lets Clean up the staircase
  • The cleaner needs to Clean up the playground so that the kids can play happily.(large space)

Clean away – talks about cleaning the mess in a space

  • Hey let’s clean away the mess.
  • My mom will clean away the broken pieces on the floor.
  • Please clean away the liquid on the ground.

We hope this English lesson has helped you a lot. Going forth you can use these phrases in order to talk about cleaning in your daily conversation.


  • On the same topic already a lesson was conducted by Ms Ceema. Why repetition?.
    Please do conduct lesson on daily used things or object vocabulary,
    lets for eg:
    Types of house (their names eg: hut, wooden house, concrete structures)
    Names of different rooms in a house and why they are called so?, any vocabulary related to balcony, porch etc.
    Different types of doors windows and their accessories eg. L drop, door lens, door chain.
    Objects which are kept for show outside inside house eg: show case, flower pot, portrait.
    Name of different utensils and equipment’s used in kitchen.
    Request to include pictures of these for better understanding and better retention.

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