08 different ways to say “I’ll call you back”

It often happens that you can’t speak to a person over the phone maybe because you’re busy. Sometimes, you don’t know the answer to their question – there are many ways of telling someone that you’ll call them back and that is what you’re learning in this English lesson with your ESL teacher Michelle.

A. Telling a person you will call them back if you are busy

It’s good if you can give a reason for your unavailability. This way the person on the other end will not feel ignored/ offended.

Hey you know what, I’m studying at the moment, shall I call you later?

I’m sorry I’m a bit caught up with some office work, I’ll call you shortly.

I’m sure this would be a common experience for most of you. When you’re at work and you don’t even have the time to attend your sister’s call even though you want to attend to her but you just can’t. Do you think she’ll feel bad if you say “Hey I’m busy.” Yes it’s true she will however if you’ll say “I’m sorry I’m a bit caught up with some office work, I’ll call you shortly” she’ll rather understand you and won’t be displeased.

I’m occupied with the kids right now, can we connect after a while.

What do you say to your colleague who wants to discuss work even after office: I’m occupied with the kids right now, can we connect after a while?

I’m travelling, I’ll revert to you soon.

More professional and formal. Can be used with a business partner or employee when you’re out of the city or country.

B. Telling a person you will call them back when you don’t have an answer

If you receive a question from a client or customer that you do not know, you can either tell them that you will find the answer for them within a specific time limit, or tell them to call someone else.  Let’s learn how to do these things professionally:

I don’t have the answer right off hand.  I’ll need to find that information for you.  Will it be ok if I call you back in about 30 mins.?

(right off hand means “rightnow”- urgency)

Being quite polite: you’re asking for time as you’ll need some time to find the answer.
I believe I can find that information for you.  It might take 10 minutes or so.  Can I call you back with the information?

The word “believe” shows that you’re very sure about finding the information.

I’m not sure about the answer.  I’ll find the information and call you right back.  Will that be ok?

When you’re not too sure about the answer and there is no urgency in the situation

I’m not sure about this one.  Let me ask my manager.  Can you please hold?

When you can respond immediately and there is someone available around you who can answer the question

I hope with this English lesson – calling someone back – has become easier for you therefore if you’ve promised to call someone back then I suggest you do it now. I’ll get back to you soon with another fun English learning lesson.

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