Tips for perfect English pronunciation.

In this English pronunciation lesson you will learn how to pronounce the commonly used English words correctly. Your ESL teacher will help you learn the correct English pronunciation for commonly used English words in daily conversation. Watch this ESL lesson and improve your communication skills and English pronunciation.

Words ending with ‘OUS’ are generally pronounced as ‘ISS’

  • Famous – Fame-iss
  • Various – ver-iss
  • Serious – Cee-r-iss
  • Nervous – Ner-v-iss

Words ending with ‘TION’ are generally pronounced as ‘SHIN/SHUN’

  • Defination – Def-ee-nay-shin
  • Relation – Re-lay-shun
  • Promotion –Pr-moh-shin

Words ending with ‘ATE’ are generally pronounced as the number 8, if it happens to be a verb in a sentence and if happens to be a noun the word endings with ‘ATE’ is pronounced as ‘ET’ or ‘IT’.

  • Associate – Uh-so-cee-ate (Verb) Uh-so-cee-et (Noun)
  • Graduate –Gra-jew-ate (Verb) Gra-jew-it
  • Alternate –All-ter-nate (verb) All-ter-nit (Noun)

Words ending with ‘ANCE’ or ‘ENCE’ are generally pronounced as ‘ENCE’

  • Attendance – Ut-ten-d-ence
  • Absence – Ab-sence
  • Evidence –Evi-d-ence

We hope this English lesson would help you to improve your English pronunciation and you would practice these English pronunciation tips to improve your English communication skills. Keep watching our free English lesson to become fluent in English.

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