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Hey, subscribers welcome back to Let’s Talk – (Free English lessons to speak fluent English confidently). In today’s ESL lesson Niharika brings out the difference between the 3 different types – Ambivert, Introvert & Extrovert. Use the English phrases from this spoken English lesson to talk about your own personality type. Watch all our free English lessons and speak English fluently and confidently.


Extroverts are those people who gain energy by being around people. They are extremely friendly and who love discussing their ideas with others or simply love spending time socially.

Phrases you could use to say you are an extrovert –

I’m really outgoing – Someone who is socially confident

I’m a gregarious person – Gregarious means you are sociable and you love being around people. Someone who love discussing ideas openly.

I’m a social butterfly – This means you are friendly and love being socially active and are easily approachable.

I’m very friendly – You could be friends with anyone, anytime.


Introverts are those people who are not very confident about themselves, they are not shy but they avoid interactions with others and are very emotional.

Phrases you could use to say you are an introvert –

I’m kind of reserved – This means you are a very private person; you share things with limited people.

I like to spend time with close friends – You restrict yourself from making many friends and are very choosy about making friends.

I usually listen more than I speak – You generally like to listen carefully and won’t share your opinion or ideas openly and socially.

Ambivert –

Ambiverts are generally who have a balance of extroverts and introverts in their personality.

Phrases you could use to say you are an ambivert

I alter my personality based on the situation – You are able to adjust with extroverts and introverts based on the situations.

When a topic of interest comes up, I’m more than happy to talk about it – If it’s your subject of conversation you would display the qualities of an extrovert and vice-versa.

Spending too much time with other people can be exhausting – You like spending time with people but can’t hold on to it for long, you are social but not a social butterfly.

We hope you have liked this lesson and you would use the English phrases you just learned in your daily English speaking. Thanks for watching, come back for new lessons.

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