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English conversation about Music – Type of Music, Phrases & Expressions

 This English lesson will give you some useful  phrases and expressions on how to talk about music. Music is loved by everyone and there are so many different types. We will go through a few of them and also discuss some phrases, used to describe the effects of music on people.

Genres of music

Let’s talk about the genres or the types of music forms.

Jazz – it is a type of music that has its roots in Western African culture.

Pop – it is basically popular music that is mostly heard on the radio and on TV. It is called Pop music.

Rock – It has evolved from rock and roll and pop music.

Retro – It has style and elements from the past. Certain cities have clubs that play retro music on certain days of the week since a lot of people enjoy dancing to the tunes.

Heavy metal – It is a type of rock music, but the lyrics and the performances of artists are associated with aggression.  Some well-known bands are Metallica and Megadeth.

Hip- Hop – It has its roots in the Afro- American culture. It has a very young beat to it. It is mainly based on rap culture and break dance.

Romantic – Romantic music always has a very good melody, the music is very light and makes you feel great. Mostly those who are in love would always want to listen to such kind of music because it makes you feel closer to your loved ones.

Ambient – It is very soothing and related mostly to the atmosphere and environment. It is very light and makes you calm.

These are some of the genres of music.

Music also has different effects on people, depending on whether we listen to good or bad music. So let’s see how we can express ourselves when talking about music in English.

That sounds great – You can use this phrase to say that the music is good and you are enjoying it.

I like the beat – If a song has great rhythm, a good voice and everything about it is good, then you can use this phrase.

It has a pleasing melody – If the song has really great music and soft on the ears, very pleasing, then you can use this phrase.

What if the music you are listening to, is horrible? Well, then here is how you can talk about it.

That sounds awful – When everything about the song is bad, the arrangement of sounds, the melody, the voice, etc., that is when you can use this phrase.

It makes my ears hurt – When the music is really bad, it hurts your ears and you just can’t listen to one more sound that is when you can this phrase.

That is too much of noise than music – Noise is something that disturbs you. When the music begins to sound like noise because of the bad melody and arrangement that is when you can use this phrase.

Music also has some great effects on us that touch our mind, body and soul. So let us see how to talk about such effects of music.

It heals or calms me down – So if you are in a bad mood, listening to your favourite music, can always make you feel much better and relaxed. Hence you could say, “Well, music it heals me, when I’m down and out.”

It stirs my imagination – This means that music makes me feel positive. Many people love to listen to music while going about their daily routine since it helps them to feel positive and good.

It is rejuvenating – This means that music makes me feel refreshed and young. Listening to some great music is a superb mood lifter and surefire way of feeling energetic.

We hope this English lesson was useful and helps you to express your thoughts on music more clearly. Watch the video for detailed examples and explanation.

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