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English lesson to learn – 15 wrongly pronounced words.

When people speak English they make many pronunciation errors. If English (Speaking)  is not your native language, it is inevitable to make pronunciation errors in English. In this English lesson today you will learn to pronounce the most commonly mispronounced words in English.

Here are 15 commonly mispronounced words

Almond – The dry fruit. Correct way to pronounce it Ah-mund (L is silent)
Dengue – The mosquito borne disease. Correct way to pronounce it Den-gee (as in cheese)
Pizza – We all love the Italian pizza. Correct way to pronounce it peet-zha
Sour – The sour lemons. Correct pronunciation is Sower (Rhymes to power)
Coupon – The discount vouchers. The right way to pronounce it Cu-pawn(rhymes with lawn)
Plumber – The trades-person is pronounced as Plumer (B is silent)
February – The second month of the year is pronounced as Feb-roo-ary
Debris – the scattered pieces of rubbish is pronounced as Deb-ree (S is silent)
Asthma – The people who suffer from breathlessness. The disease is pronounced as Azma.
Lingerie – the correct way to pronounce the word is Lawn-g-ray. Lingerie is  women’s under garments.
Mojito – The cocktail drink is pronounced as Mo-hee-to (J is pronounced as H)
Pronunciation – This word is pronounced just the way it is spelt.
 Espresso – The coffee shot is pronounced just the way it is spelt and not Ex-presso.
Etcetera – And so. The correct way to pronounce it again the way it is spelt.
Hierarchy –It is a  system in which members of an organization or society are ranked according to relative status or authority. Hi-Rar-chy is the the correct way to pronounce this word.

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