English phrases to talk about ‘Talent & Skills’

In this English lesson, you will learn different English expressions that you could use when you talk about someone’s talent and Skills.

He’s very good at math: this means he excels in Math. Remember, use ‘at’ after ‘good’, so good at dancing, good at singing.

He’s a born footballer: means he was born to play football.

She’s a great dancer. She’s a natural: If someone says you’re a natural, it is a very positive expression. Being a natural means it comes naturally to you.

She’s head and shoulders above the rest: means you are above and beyond the rest. You are way better than the others.

She’s a first rate teacher: it means you are the best. First rate is better than being a second or a third rate.

He’s in a class of his own: means no one is close to his ability. He is in a different league.

He’s got a natural talent for sports: Having a natural talent means it is innate in you.

She can do it in her sleep: Being able to do something in your sleep means you are so good at it that you don’t need to be conscious to do it.

No-one comes close to him as a painter: He is a class apart and way ahead of the rest/.

As a driver, he’s one of a kind: To be one of a kind means to be very unique.

We hope this English lesson has helped you to learn some useful English expressions to talk about someone’s talent in English. Use these phrases in you English conversation to speak fluent English.

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