English Lesson to speak fluently – Talking about Skills & Talent | Learn English Phrases for Conversation

English Lesson to speak fluently – Talking about Skills & Talent | Learn English Phrases for Conversation with Niharika

To speak English fluently you need a lot of practice and English Phrases that could be used in conversations. In this English speaking practice lesson with Niharika you will learn some easy to remember English sentences to talk about skills and talent in English. Use these phrases and practice them in your English conversations. For more such English grammar lesson visit our channel and watch a library of more than 1300+ free English speaking practice lessons to improve your English and speak English fluently and confidently just like a native English speaker. We have videos for Personal development, Accent Training, American Accent, British English , IELTS training and coaching, Tips on How to speak English easily and much more to enhance your English communication skills. You could also join our English speaking class, visit our website to know more about our English speaking course.

Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Hello people welcome back. I’m Niharika and in today’s lesson, we are gonna look at phrases to talk about Skilled and Talented people. Well, it’s just so amazing to come across so many talented people these days. Everyone is good at something. So how do you appreciate? How do you talk about this natural superior ability? Well, that’s what we are gonna learn in today’s lesson. Now in English we have phrases that would help you to talk about people’s special abilities or aptitude. So let’s get started. The very first one is to be good at something. Now every one of us are definitely good at something or the other, so when you have to talk about it, you’re gonna say, she’s good at swimming or she’s good at dancing. My mom is good at cooking. So when you know that someone is really good in doing something, they posses that skill, then you can use that expression to be good at something, like she’s good at dancing, she’s good at singing, she’s good at cooking and so on. So it’s a very common expression to talk about or to appreciate someone’s skill. Now let’s get to the second expression that we have here, which is he is a born dancer. Now when do you use this? When someone is exceptionally great at doing something. You know there are certain people, who are absolutely fantastic in something. For example, my cousin, he is such a great dancer. It just comes naturally to him. The moment he hits the dance floor. Oh my god, it is so amazing to see his dance moves. So it just comes naturally to him. A talent or a skill that just comes naturally. It means that person is exceptionally good. It means that person is talented. So when you gotta appreciate that, well the perfect English phrase that you can use is he is a born dancer or he is a bon singer. Like maybe a friend of yours is just amazing at singing. So you’re gonna say, he or she is a born singer. So it just comes naturally and he or she is exceptionally good at doing that, now another one, head and shoulders above. When do you use this expression? This expression is just perfect, when you gotta compare someone. You know when someone is really superior then the others or actually stands out in crowd. For example, maybe your boss comes up to you and says, Hey i want you to take care of this meeting, i want you to lead this meeting for me, because you are head and shoulders above, the rest in the team. This expression is used for you, because here, your boss thinks that yes you are talented, you are skilled at leading a meeting. So he is picking you to lead this meeting for him rather than selecting another team member. So it means that you should be happy about this and it means that you are superior then the others, because your boss is not directly gonna come and say, Hey you are talented, you are skilled then the others. So I’m choosing you. That’s not the right way to say it. So a perfect expression to go in such a situation is that you are head and shoulders above the rest of your team members. So when you’re comparing or you feel that someone is really superior or stands out in the crowd then use this expression. Another one that i have for you is to be one of a kind, so to be one of a kind it means, to be unique, to stand out. You know there are certain people in life that you come across and you feel that this person is absolutely extraordinary. He or she is very unique. So you’re not gonna directly come in or go and say to that person and say, hey you are unique. A better expression to do so is, you are one of a kind or maybe when you are just talking about such a person. Then you can say, Oh well the president of our company is one of a kind. It means that he is exceptionally good at what he’s doing and he is being appreciated by the others, because of his unique qualities. So use this expression for a person, for whom you think he or she is absolutely extraordinary. Let’s have a look at another expression here, which is to do something in ones sleep. Now some people who are very talented or skilled at doing something. They really don’t have to put in any efforts to do that, you know they don’t have to put in any efforts or they don’t need this conscious thought of doing something, like for example, a musician, if a musician is really great at playing music. It means that he is talented and he can play music in his sleep as well. So which actually means that this talent just comes naturally to him, he doesn’t have to put in efforts or a conscious thought to do so. So this expression can be used for someone for whom the talent just comes naturally. Another one to have a magic touch. Now the people, who have this magic touch, it means that there are people who can deal with any difficult situation in a very nice manner. So the people who deal with situations successfully, they have this magic touch. For example, i was trying my hands at cooking and i totally messed it up, so my mom comes in and she’s like Niharika, you just need to relax, I’ll take care of this, because we were expecting guests and there were so many people coming in and i was like all set to cook, but then i messed it up. So my mom came in, she just had this magic touch of hers and she really cooked well and the guests were very happy. So she dealt with the situation in a very successful manner. So she does have this magic touch. So the people, who can deal with any difficult situations in a very successful manner. It means that they have a magic touch. So use this expression, if you come across any such people. The next one, to have an eye for. Now when we use this expression, we use it for the people, who really have this special ability to find or to see something very nice.  My friend, her wardrobe is so amazing, she wears these amazing clothes and she has just like perfect shoes. So i would say, she has an eye for amazing dresses or amazing clothes. So it means she has this ability to find good things.  Like my boss, he always hires, such talented people, so he definitely has an eye for good talented or good skilled people for his work. So use this expression, when you come across people, who really have a good eye for good things. And then the last expression that i have for you to talk about skills and talent is to have a hidden talent. Now this can be used for someone, whom you think had no talent, but surprised you with something. So maybe my computer was not working and i was having a difficult time dealing with this computer, so my friend comes in and fixed it for me like in minutes. So i was like really surprised. I never expected him to do so. So for me he has this hidden talent of fixing computers. So i said, Wow! John well you really have a hidden talent, because he surprised me. So hidden talent is a person with or who surprises you with his or her talents. So these are eight expressions that would help you to talk about these skilled and talented people. Go ahead and use them, because they are several people, who are so talented and I’ll be back with a new lesson soon. Till then you take care.Y

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