English Phrases to ask for clarification.

Learn English Phrases to ask for clarification. In our daily lives we come across situations when we fail to understand what people are trying to say or explain, for which we need clarifications.  Clarification is what you hope to achieve when you make an idea or concept less confusing and easier to understand. This often happens after a detailed or very clear explanation. In this English lesson you will learn few phrases that will help you to ask for clarification.

Sorry –

Use this phrase not just to  apologize but to ask for clarification as well in informal situations

Example – Sorry, I didn’t get that.

Come again –

This is another way to ask for clarification in an informal situation. When you are on a call or talking to someone in person and fail to understand what the other person just said, you can use the phrase come again

Example – This place is so filthy! Come again

I beg your pardon –

This phrase is commonly used in a formal situation

Example – I beg your pardon ,I didn’t quite hear you.

Could you say that again, please –

When you want someone to repeat what has just been said you ask Could you say that again adding the key word please to display politeness.

Example –  I am sorry, having a bad connection could you say that again, please.

I didn’t quite catch that, could you repeat it –

WHen you did’t get what has already been said you can use this phrase informally

Example – I didn’t quite catch what she just said could you please repeat that?

Could you illustrate –

When you want things to be explained well you can use this expression.

Example – We are working on this project but I didn’t get what your expectations are on this so could you please illustrate.

Could you give an example –

Certain things can be only understood with the help of examples. so rather than being confused or interpreting in a wrong way it better to get it clarified. Therefore, this phrase can be used for asking something to be explained with examples.

Example – I would love to serve my free time for  these poor children but I didn’t understand the activities to be done, so could you please give me a few examples to understand it better.


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