Similar sounding & Commonly confused words in English.

 In this spoken  English lesson, Rima is going to explain you about the commonly confused words in English with their correct pronunciation, spellings and usage in a sentence.

Any way: means in any manner possible, do it any how, make something happen any how. Example: Make it on time any way.

Anyway: means in any case.

Example: Anyway, I don’t plan to share my personal opinion with you.

Born: to come in this world/to be born

Example: A baby girl was born to my sister.

Borne: to bear a child

Example: My sister has borne a baby girl.

Censor: to delete or monitor

Example: I have decided to censor the document.

Censure: to criticize or make an unfavourable opinion

Example: I am tired of the censure I’m facing because of the media.

Confident: someone who has confidence or is self assured

Example: Maria is a confident young woman.

Confidant: somebody who you confide in, you trust the person and share everything with them

Example: Jack is my confidant and i share everything with him.

Biannual: occurring twice a year

Example: The company releases a biannual progress report.

Biennial: once in two years

Example: The football cup is a biennial event.

Allusion: to make a reference to something

Example: Jack made an allusion to Sally’s baby weight

Illusion: to see something or imagine that which is not real

Example: The magician created an illusion that surprised me.

Bath: to wash your body

Example: Please get the door bell, I’m going for a bath now.

Bathe: to apply water to a particular body part

Example: My toes are hurting. I’m going to bathe them with hot water.

Canvas: type of cloth

Example: I have decided to wear Canvas shoes and carry a canvas bag.

Canvass: to solicit or ask for

Example: The next time you come here canvassing for support, make sure you are polite to me.

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