English conversation Lesson – What do you do?

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1. According to the company____________s, we have to fly economy class.


2. Our ____________measures help make sure that there are no mistakes in our product.


3. Jason, Can you ______________ this project?


4. I don’t have any employees__________.


5. Government __________s do not allow us to import raw meat.


6. There is a __________ shortage of good doctors.


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Hello English learners and welcome back to another great English lesson. Today I am bringing you a great intermediate English lesson with some really useful English vocabulary. You will learn the English that you speak at work between nine to five. Vocabulary that you could use to describe your job. This is really a common situation when someone asks you – What do you do? And you have to tell them about your job profile. So, in today’s English lesson is all about that.

First you will listen to a dialogue between Jessica, Arthur, Veronica. Jessica and Veronica work at the same office, carefully listen to the phrases they use to introduce their partners and how they talk about their job profiles. It’s goanna be a little fast, but you don’t have to worry about it, because later in this lesson you will learn all the phrases and vocabulary that you find difficult to understand.

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