English expressions with ‘GOLD’ used in daily spoken English

Hey subscribers, thanks for clicking on this English lesson. Today, we are going to learn some interesting English phrases with ‘GOLD’ those are used in our daily English conversation. Practice these English phrases and learn some sentences as I teach them in the video. Improve your English speaking with our series of free ESL lessons.

All that glitters is not gold

Meaning – It is not necessary that everything that is shiny and extremely attractive is of value.

Example – Someone may be good looking and has an attractive personality. But he may not possess any real skills or talent.

Have a heart of gold.

Meaning – Someone who is  generous, sincere, and  very friendly.

Example – Michelle is such a lovely person. She has a heart of gold.

Gold digger.

Meaning – A woman who gets into relationships with men only to obtain money or privileges  from them.

Example  – Girls who go out with men who are old are just gold-diggers!”

Be as good as gold

Meaning – Someone who is Completely genuine and very well-behaved

Example, His personal score is as good as gold, or Michelle’s children are as good as Gold.

Go for gold

Meaning – An attempt to achieve the best possible results for some competitive activity, generally used in reference with sports activities.

Example –Our new software is great, we have to go for gold, no compromises on the marketing plan.

Worth its weight in gold

Meaning – Something that is very valuable.

Example – This book is worth its weight in gold, the language is simplified and easy to understand.


We hope this spoken English lesson is useful for you and you would use these English phrases in your everyday English conversation


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