Spelling & Pronunciation Rules you missed out in schoo

Welcome to this new ESL lesson everyone. Today you are learning Rules about spellings. This English lesson will help you learn spellings faster than ever. We will specifically look at “when should we double the last letter?” which confuses many. Stay tuned with me Michelle to learn in detail.


Rule #1

Whenever there is a 1 syllable word, ending in 1 vowel and 1 consonant, then the last consonant is doubled.

For example:

  • Big- Biggest,
  • Short- Shorter,
  • Run- Running,
  • Stop-Stopped

Exceptions: We don’t double up the final consonant when it’s w, x or y

For example: Wowed, Xeroxing, Praying

Rule #2

When 1st syllable is stressed, ends with 1 vowel and followed by 1 consonant then the last consonant is not doubled.

For Example:

  • ENTer- Entered
  • LISten – Listening
  • SIMple- Simpler
  • QUIet – Quietest

Rule #3

 When 2nd syllable is stressed, ends with 1 vowel, and followed by 1 consonant then the last consonant is stressed:

For example:

  • prefer (preFER) – preferring/preferred
  • begin (beGIN) – beginning, beginner
  • regret (reGRET) – regretting
  • occur (oCUR) – occurred, occurring

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