What Is English Tautology? Speak English Clearly & Stop Repeating Words In A  Sentence

Hello friends, and welcome to a new English lesson. I’m Nysha and you’re watching me on your favourite YouTube channel to learn English, Let’s Talk. Now today we are going to talk about Tautology. Yes, you heard me right, Tautology. Puzzled? What in the world is Tautology…dont worry, the first time I heard this word, I had the same expression. Its meaning is quite simple really. Tautulogy in simple words is saying the same thing twice in a sentence but in two different ways. It is the unnecessary repetition of words..but you may say who does that? Why would we repeat words in a sentence? Well for two reasons, either you are repeating words in a sentence without realising it or you are using repeated words to make a point perhaps. Like for example the sentence…it was deja vu all over again. Something that’s deja vu means it’s an event happening again. So if you’ve ever experienced the exact same situation twice, it would be fine to say it was deja vu, but to say it was deja vu again or all over again would be a Tautology since what you are  literally saying is the situation has happened again again. So what are the other sentences or phrases that are commonly said, which in fact are the unnecessary repetition of words in a sentence, in other words a Tautology and are there any sentences you say in your daily life, which may be tautologies without you realising it? So c’mon let’s find that out in today’s English lesson, so you speak English clearly and confidently.

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