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English Vocabulary Lesson # 128 – Manifest- (verb)

In this spoken English lesson you will learn the meaning of the word ‘Manifest’. You will learn how to use this word in forming correct English conversation sentences, it will help you develop your English vocabulary and speak English fluently and confidently.


Sometimes you express your emotions though words or gestures. The word ‘manifest’ means to make something very clear or obvious. When you manifest an emotion or something that you do, it means you clearly show a feeling or an ability of doing something. So, making something very obvious by way of proof or evidence by way of one’s behavior, means to manifest. For example, if you love reading and have a huge collection of books, it means, your love for reading is manifested in your collection of books.

The word ‘manifest’ is a verb as it shows the action of making something clear or obvious. ‘Manifest’ is also an adjective as it describes something of being clear and obvious. ‘Manifestation’ is a noun that means a sign that shows something clearly.

Example sentences for Conversation :

Example 01 : Musical talent usually manifests itself in childhood.

Example 02 : After an argument, Jane manifested her unwillingness to talk to her husband.

Example 03 : Looking at her phone all the time, was a manifestation of anxiety to hear from her mother.

Example 04 : Taking time to choose her party outfit is always a manifest of Lara’s confusion.

Example 05 : William is attracted to his colleague’s manifest charm and beauty.

Example 06 : Victor’s stress was manifested in his excessive drinking habit.

Example 07 : Henry’s gesture manifested his dissatisfaction with his team.

Example 08 : Grandfather’s illness first manifested itself in a severe stomach pain.

Example 09 : Kevin manifests his affection for his girlfriend by giving her flowers.

Example 10 : Mother manifested approval of Mary’s picnic plans with a hearty smile.

We hope this English speaking lesson has helped you learn the word correctly and has added one more word to your vocabulary bank.


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