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English Vocabulary Lesson # 129 – To run out of steam

In this English lesson you will learn the idiom – ‘To run out of steam’.  You will learn how to use this phrase in your daily English conversation, making you speak English fluently and confidently.

Sometimes you are so involved in doing something, but later lose interest in the same. The idiom ‘to run out of steam’ basically means to suddenly lose the energy or interest in something that you were doing. When you are enthused about doing something, you focus on it. But after a while, you may just lose interest and motivation. This means you have run out of steam.

To run out of steam, literally, means to run out of fuel or energy. It’s used commonly to express that someone has become exhausted and can no longer continue working.

For example, at a family get together, your grandmother is very excited to meet her relatives and enjoys chatting to each of them. But as time passes, she feels tired and sleepy as she is totally out of energy and enthusiasm. It means, your grandma is running out of steam.

In this idiom, ‘run’ is a verb in the present form. ‘Ran’ is its past form and ‘run’ is the past participle.

Example sentences for learn conversation:

Example 01 : When the meeting went on for long, Ria got tired and ran out of steam.

Example 02 : When she runs out of steam, Samantha relaxes at the beach to refresh herself.

Example 03 : Amy loves cycling; she can cycle call day long without running out of steam.

Example 04 : Little John ran out of steam, after making repeated attempts to write his speech.

Example 05 : Dealing with angry customers daily over the phone, has made James run out of steam.

Example 06 : The guitar instructor trains with great enthusiasm so his student doesn’t run out of steam and remains focused.

Example 07 : The manager was surprised when William told her that he was running out of stem to complete his project.

Example 08 : Maria and Cathy decided to take a short break from their shopping, when they ran out of steam.

Example 09 : The engineers work at the site continuously and do not run out of steam.

Example 10 : They started painting their house, but ran out of steam halfway through.

We hope this English lesson has helped you learn a new idiom and how to use it in your conversation to become fluent in English conversation.

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