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English Vocabulary Lesson # 130 – Divulge (Verb)

In this English lesson you will learn the word Divulge ( verb) – You will learn how to use this word in your daily English conversation, making you speak English fluently and confidently.

When you ask a person something and they don’t answer you; they don’t intend being rude. They are restricted from letting out the information you asked for. The word ‘divulge’ basically means to disclose information that is actually a secret.
When you tell someone something that you are not supposed to tell, it means you are divulging the piece of information or someone’s secret. So when you use the word ‘divulge’ it implies revealing something, and that something is often of a personal or private nature. For example, a gossip columnist’s job is to divulge which celebrities are secretly dating and which ones have been caught in embarrassing situations. That means, they disclose personal information about celebrities.

The word ‘divulge’ is a verb that shows the action of revealing or disclosing secret information. ‘Divulged’ is its past and past participle forms.

Example 01 : Amy divulged all the details about her date that she had last night.
Example 02 : At the meeting, Lara was not comfortable to divulge information about her department.
Example 03 : The actress enjoys the limelight but never divulges anything about her personal life when asked by her fans.
Example 04 : The police held the driver at gunpoint, when he refused to divulge his identity at the check post.
Example 05 : The manager told Marc, “ You must not divulge any information about the company to our competitors.”
Example 06 : Many women get away with divulging their real age after undergoing beauty treatments.
Example 07 : Doctors never divulge confidential information about their patients.
Example 08 : Chefs, generally, do not divulge the secret ingredients of their dishes.
Example 09 : Drug manufacturers are required to divulge any side effects that may be caused by their drugs.

We hope this English lesson has helped you learn a new idiom and how to use it in your conversation to become fluent in English conversation.

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