English Vocabulary Lesson # 133 – To smell somethng fishy – Idiom

English Lesson # 133 – To Smell Something Fishy – Idiom  (Learn English Conversation, Vocabulary & Phrases)

In this English lesson you will learn the idiom ‘To smell something fishy’ – You will learn how to use this idiom in your daily English conversation, making you speak English fluently and confidently.

At times, you doubt certain people, it could be due to the way they speak or do something. You are just not confident about what they say or do. The idiom ‘to smell something fishy’ basically means that something is not right. If you say something smells fishy, it probably means you think about something suspiciously. When someone gives you a piece of information; and you doubt the person is being honest, it means you smell something fishy. You are very doubtful about something, or not convinced about it. Your mind is full of thoughts and you are wondering whether something is worth believing or not. It means that you smell something fishy. In short, something isn’t real, true, believable and trustworthy. Your sixth sense doesn’t allow you to rely on someone or something. For example, you are at an ATM withdrawing cash. You realize there is a man waiting outside and is looking over your shoulders. You get suspicious about his intentions. This means that you smell something fishy.

Example 01 : When the patient had started explaining all her symptoms, the doctor smelled something fishy.

Example 02 : William could smell something fishy while reading the terms and conditions for the apartment’s insurance policy.

Example 03 : Michelle doesn’t trust her colleague. She always smells something fishy when she tries gossiping with her.

Example 04 : Lara smelled something fishy in Victor’s voice, as though he was drunk.

Example 05 : When he had smelled something fishy going on in the meeting room, john spied to know what was happening.

Example 06 : Juliet always smell something fishy with the quality of vegetables at the supermarket.

Example 07 : Joanna smelled something fishy when her friends were whispering behind her back.

Example 08 : The senior chef decided to taste the stew prepared by the junior chefs, after he smelled something fishy in its appearance.

Example 09 : Henry always messages his girl friend when his wife is asleep, so she doesn’t smell something fishy is on.

We hope this English lesson has helped you learn a new idiom and how to use it in your conversation to become fluent in English conversation.

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